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Towards respect of fundamental rights and freedoms, in particular of the rights to change employer and place of residence, to live with children and/or partner, and to be eligible upon arrival for permanent legal status, for all 'guest workers'/migrant workers admitted in the country of employment under a temporary work authorization


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2024.06.11 to 2024.06.12 – Online & Palais de Justice, Montréal
SIGN UP RHFW's EMWU const class action hearing/INSCRIPTION audiences action coll const FTNLM de DTMF

Latest news

Act now: Solutions for temporary and migrant labour in Canada
Living at Work and Intra-worker Sociality Among Migrant Farm Workers in Canada
J. Perry
La dignité des personnes migrantes est non négociable
Le Devoir
Human Cost of Food
E. Dunsworth, L. Swaffer, C. Marion , C. Mulligan, N. Spoelstra, M. Lohner, J. Hope, H. Symonds, S. Gunyon, and Z. Larocque
Bodies and Documents: The Material Impact of Collaborative Information- Sharing Within the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program
C. Clause

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