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A thank you dinner for the 'forgotten' migrant workers who pick Canada's food




In the winter, when they usually arrive, they quake in the unfamiliar cold. In the summer, they get so hot their boots and shoes fill with sloshy sweat.

The work is back-breaking. They pick tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, grapes, cucumbers and peppers.

All these beautiful vegetables and fruits that we have on our table, where did it come from? These are migrant workers who are working to pick it ... They give to us and we should give back to them
- Joan Grey
Each year, 50,000 migrant labourers come to Canada from the Caribbean, Mexico and beyond through the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program.

More than ten per cent of those workers end up in the small town of Leamington, Ont. — Tomato Capital of Canada. Greenhouse Capital of the World.


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