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Temporary Foreign Workers Support Coalition (TFWSC)


A coalition of individuals, community organizations and unions to support and advocate for Temporary Foreign Workers.
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This is the page of "The Temporary Foreign Workers Support Coalition", the Coalition of individuals, community organizations and unions advocating for temporary foreign workers. Temporary workers are the most vulnerable workers primarily because their status is tied to their employer. Migrant workers have no way of getting out of abusive situations without losing their work permits and eventually lose their status.

The Temporary Foreign Workers' Program that is administered by the Federal Government placed these workers in this precarious situation. The current moratorium in the food and retail sector as well as the 4 year cap of the migrant workers will create a mass removal or worse a huge pool of undocumented migrants who will be in a more dangerous situation.

We strongly believe that Immigration NOT Deportation is the key to a fair resolution to the broken Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Giving migrant workers the same status, rights and protection as all workers in Canada will help put a stop to this exploitation. If they are Good Enough to Work in Canada, they are Good Enough to stay here!

We intend to educate, inform and make aware of the issues of Temporary Foreign Workers and the flawed TFW program. Everyone is free to ask meaningful questions or share information.

We hope to to build a broad solidarity among migrant workers and local workers. we believe that through this solidarity, the rights of both migrant workers and local workers can be protected and advanced.

Postings or comments that are respectful of people or groups are highly encouraged and enforced. Please note that your posting will be removed or you will be banned if your comments creates divisions and create racial hysteria.





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