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CBA7: Seventh International Conference on Community-based Adaptation

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Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 18 - 25 April 2013 CBA7 includes:

three days of field visits to projects in Bangladesh (19 – 21 April) to see how communities living in different ecosystems have adapted to climate change, and
three days of plenary sessions and interactive sessions at the conference in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital city.

Field trips 19 - 21 April

Participants will be divided into groups and taken to different areas to see how communities have adapted to climate-related problems such as flooding, droughts or saline water intrusion. Some of these field sites will be part of the Action Research on Community Adaptation in Bangladesh (ARCAB) programme.
Conference 22 - 25 April

Each day will consist of a plenary session and a number of parallel interactive sessions that will explore how to make community-based adaptation to climate change a mainstream part of national and local planning. Topics covered will include:

CBA in practice in sectors and regions: water, agriculture and food security, ecosystem‐based approaches, disaster risk reduction, economics, human health, urban areas, children, gender, migration and population
Knowledge, education and awareness on CBA: challenges and opportunities for mainstreaming adaptation
Monitoring and evaluation of CBA

How to take part

Attendance is limited to 250 participants, all of whom must complete an online registration form. For those who can fund themselves, applications are due by 28th February 2013. The deadline for seeking funding to participate in CBA7 expired on 31st January 2013.

Those unable to attend can register as a Virtual Internet Participant (VIP) to receive all the conference materials and live updates from the event.
Virtual participants

Can’t attend the conference? Worried about your carbon footprint? You won’t miss out. You can participate virtually via this webpage. We will be tweeting and blogging live from the conference, and we will post video interviews with key speakers here on this page.




Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS) House 10, Road 16A, Gulshan‐1, Dhaka 1212






+88 02 8818124‐27, 9852904, 9851237




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