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Family Day action to demand justice for migrant farmworker deaths

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2012.02.17, 12:00 PM


As Ontarians prepare to celebrate Family Day, Justicia for Migrant Workers is urging community allies to join us to demand justice for the families of Ralston White and Paul Roach. We will also be remembering the lives tragically lost in the recent crash that killed ten migrant workers just outside London, ON. Ten migrant workers employed as chicken catchers and the driver of a transport truck died on February 6, 2012.

Mr Roach and Mr. White were two Jamaican migrant workers who were killed in a confined space accident at work in September of 2010. All charges were recently dropped against three people who operated Filsinger Farms where these deaths occurred. A plea bargain resulted in a guilty plea for one supervisor of a minor charge of failing to provide proper precautions against confined spaces and a miniscule fine of $22,500 for both deaths. This is believed to be one of lowest fines issued for a workplace death in the history of Ontario.

On Friday February 17th, 2012 at 12:00 pm, Justicia for Migrant Workers will be gathering at the Office of the Chief Coroner (32 Grenville St) to renew our demand for an inquest into the deaths of brothers Roach and White and to call for an inquest into the recent deaths of farmworkers outside London. While there have been several tragedies involving migrant workers, there has never been an Coroner’s Inquest in Ontario examining the death of a migrant worker employed under the temporary foreign workers program.

From there we will march to the Ministry of Labour to demand that the Ministry step up to protect the rights of migrant farmworkers. In the face of this terrible tragedy, the Ministry of Labour must take immediate action to ensure that migrant workers have protection at work and that basic employment standards and health and safety laws are being enforced.

Family Day is meant as a time where communities come together and share time with their loved ones. We want to highlight that this year, and every year after, countless families of migrant workers will not have the luxury of having their loved ones present.
For more information, contact:

Chris Ramsaroop
Nicole Wall


Office of the Chief Coroner


32 Grenville St .






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