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Walk for Permanent Residency

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2014.11.22, 3:00 PM


As you may have heard, new changes have been announced for Live-In Caregivers that would mean that many of us may not be able to get permanent residency.

Caregivers & Allies! Join us on November 22, 2014 at 3pm at 150 King West (Federal Ministers' offices) for a walk for permanent residency.

Here is what the changes mean for you.

I have applied for Permanent Residency already, will I be affected?

No. But it is our responsibility to support other caregivers. Join us on November 22, 2014 to get involved. The government is promising that it will speed up the PR applications. But we don't know if this promise will actually come true.

I am here on a Live-In Caregiver permit, will I be affected?

You may be affected when you apply for your permanent residency. Different government sources, are saying different things. Join us on November 22nd to get the real information.

What if I am applying for a caregiver job and work permit after the new rules come into effect on November 30th?

Yes. There are five important changes that may apply to you.

1. Cap on permanent residency: There is now a cap of 2,750 Caregivers in childcare, and 2,750 caregivers for people with high medical needs that will get PR each year. That means that once you have completed your 24 months, and apply for PR, you also need to within the cap.
2. Live-In Requirement: Living at your employer's home is now optional if both you and your employer agree. If you choose to Live-In, the employer cannot charge you room and board.
3. Post-secondary education: To apply for permanent residency, you must show 1 year of post-secondary study. This could either be studies you did back home, that you get accredited here, or studies you do in Canada.
4. English language test: You have to do an English language test and pass to Level 5. Unless you're a Registered Nurse or Psychiatric Nurse, in which case you have to pass at Level 7.

All of these changes do not mean that you should stay in a bad job. Get in touch with us if you are having problems and we will support you!




Federal Ministers' offices


150 King West





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