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A Case Study of Thai migrant workers exploited in Sweden




International Labour Organisation


A Case Study of Thai Migrant Workers Exploited
in Sweden is one of the two case studies produced
under the International Labour Organization–European
Union project Going Back–Moving On: Economic
and Social Empowerment of Migrants, Including
Victims of Trafficking, Returned from European Union
and Neighbouring Countries (2009 –12). The project
extended technical support to government and nongovernment
service providers offering return and
reintegration assistance to victims of labour exploitation
and human trafficking.

One component of the project has involved
producing publications that document the services
provided and the processes used in that delivery for
future benefit. The documentation includes case studies
of Thai migrant workers exploited in Poland and
Sweden (reflected in this publication).
The objective of the case studies is to review
workers’ entire migration experience to draw lessons
from the returnees that would be useful to improve
the protection and service provision offered to other
workers going to work overseas.

The case studies look at:
· socio-economic context of migration from
· pre-employment and pre-departure
· working life and on-site support in Poland and
· pre-return services: workers’ needs and responses
· upon return – what happened next and who
provided assistance
· good practices, lessons learned and

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