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In January 2010, [free-them] was founded; an initiative dedicated to raising awareness and funds to abolish human trafficking in Canada and abroad by partnering with people, organizations, & businesses to fight human trafficking – slavery today.

[free-them] regularly speaks at different high schools, universities, faith groups, and conferences, professional groups and events to educate and bring awareness and action to fighting human trafficking.

[free-them] is a Stakeholder to both MP Joy Smith’s Private Members Bill C-268 and Bill C-310. With much work both Bills received Royal Assent and amended the Criminal Code in June 2010 and June 2012. [free-them] is a Stakeholder to the Federal Government’s National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking, which was adopted June 6, 2012.
On October 3 2011, Statement-SO31- in the House of Commons to recognize the work of [free-them] founder, Shae Invidiata and her efforts with [free-them] to combat human trafficking.

15 months after proposing a 40-page proposal for an Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking to the Toronto Mayor’s Office and City of Council, December 2011, we now have the first Human Trafficking report that was brought before Executive Committee February 5, 2013. [free-them] continues to lead as a Stakeholder in this report to see a Slave Free Toronto.

Invidiata and [free-them] have appeared on and been interviewed by many different media sources, including but not limited to, The Toronto Star, GlobalTV, CTV, CityNews, CP24 News, The Toronto Sun, The Morning Live Show CHCH News, MetroMorning, CBC Radio, Metro News, Inside Halton, Cogeco and Rogers TV.

Invidiata was a nominee for Canadian Women’s Fashion Magazine Chatelaine as a Top 20 Finalist for “Canada’s Women of the Year 2011″ for her work and dedication to fight human trafficking and raise up others to join in the worthy fight. Invidiata was recognized with the YMCA Peace Medallion 2011. In June 2012, Invidiata was a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, being recognized for Invidiata’s dedication and service to citizens of Canada. Most recent, [free-them] was award the National Freedom Award in October 2012, being recognized as one of Canada’s Heros for the work [free-them] has done to combat human trafficking in Canada.

who we are and why we do it
[free-them] fighters

[free-them] is an initiative that raises awareness and funds to stop the fastest growing crime on our planet, human trafficking – slavery today.

[free-them] partners with select Charities, Non-Profit Organizations, NGOs, Businesses, and individuals to fight this global injustice.

[free-them] focuses on the 4 Freedom Factors that we believe are necessary in order to see human trafficking abolished:

#1. Prevention & Education
#2. Rescue & Law Enforcement
#3. Rehabilitation & Aftercare
#4. Policy & Government Affairs

[free-them] is made up of eleven crazy, incredible individuals who have this vision that slavery can be abolished in our life time. The [free-them] fighters represents different ethnic backgrounds, races, genders, ages, faiths, talents, passions, interests and areas of expertise in the work force - and yet when you bring us together we unite to represent one voice. A voice for freedom, a voice for justice and a voice for love that states people should never be bought and sold.










800-222-8477 Crime Stoppers or 1-866-528-7109 Human Trafficking National Crisis Line



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