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Migrant Justice Network


Migrant Justice builds the voice, capacity and power of the migrant farmworker community and engages community partners to organize for social and economic justice and human rights. We believe lasting systemic change requires changing not just how our food and economic systems work, but also changing who is at the table leading. Through Migrant Justice, migrant farmworkers, with ally support, are building community and organizing capacity to achieve concrete victories such as creating one of the best Bias-Free Policing Policies in the country, ensuring undocumented workers access Vermont's universal health care, and passing a law that opens the door for access to driver's licenses regardless of immigration status.

At Migrant Justice we work to engage, educate and organize communities and allies to effectively challenge US immigration, economic, and trade policies and practices that adversely affect farm workers and family farmers. We work towards the vision of truly humane and dignified farming communities and fair food systems everywhere making migration a choice and not a need.

Our work is driven by four main programs:

Human Rights- Organize communities to create humane and just local, national and international alternatives to discriminatory anti-immigrant policies and practices.

Food Justice-Organize and build alliances for human rights, economic justice and fair food systems for all workers and family farmers.

Migrant Media- Build farmworker-grown media strategies and give voice to farmworkers' stories and struggles.

Community Education- Raise awareness and build support to change the policies and systems that exploit farmworkers and family farmers.




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Secteurs économiques

Agriculture and horticulture workers, Occupations in services - Domestic work, Sales and service occupations - general, Trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations - general, Natural resources, agriculture and related production occupations - general, Labourers in food, beverage and associated products processing, Dancers et Autre

Groupes cibles

Travailleurs (im)migrants, Législateurs, Journalistes, Syndicats et ONG/groupes communautaires/réseaux de solidarité

Pertinence géographique

Canada, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, Colombie-Britannique, Autres provinces, Fédéral, Nouvelle-Écosse et National relevance

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Science politique


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