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Campaign Against 4 Year Limit on Migrant Workers

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2015.02.27, 19:53 à 19:53


Harper is scheduling mass deportation of migrant workers starting April 1st.


As of April 1st, 2015, all low-waged migrant workers employed under the Temporary Foreign Workers Program and Live-In Caregiver / Caregiver Program who have worked in Canada for more than four years will be banned from continuing to work in Canada and forced to leave. They will also be barred from returning to Canada as workers for a further four years. Those that choose to stay will become undocumented.

We have endorsed the call from Campaign Against the 4 Year Limit on Migrant Workers to stop this unjust law, and ensure permanent residency on arrival for migrant workers.

Please sign and share this petition: www.change.org/p/stop-the-mass-deportation-of-thousands-of-immigrants-on-april-1st

These changes are effectively a mass deportation. These rules will tear apart families, friends and communities across the country. Migrant workers pay tens of thousands of dollars to come to Canada and work at minimum wage jobs to provide an opportunity for their family; so that their children can go to school; and to have a better life. The 4 & 4 rule strips away migrant workers’ dignity, forces workers already in precarity into further uncertainty, and imposes discriminatory and arbitrary barriers on how long workers can stay here.

That these migrants have worked in Canada for four years proves that their jobs are permanent, not temporary. These friends and community members deserve permanent residence, not deportation. This 4 and 4 rule entrenches a revolving door immigration policy, employers can simply replace current with new workers.

There are many ways you can support:
Sign the petition
Click here to share on Facebook.
Find an action near you and attend or organize your own
Download petitions, flyers and background information and distribute to your supporters.
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