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Election Reality check

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2019.10.26, 11:51


With the election recently over, politics are bound to come up around the dinner table, and immigration may be high on the agenda. Don’t shy away from hard conversations – talk about the people and the labour behind the food on your table, and about showing thanks for migrant workers through your solidarity. Here are five points to raise:
1) The food system is reliant on migrant labour
2) Migrant farm work is indentured labour
3) Working conditions are unhealthy and dangerous
4) Migrant worker housing is employer-controlled and substandard
5) We need an overhaul of our food systems

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General farm workers

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Cas d’abus documentés, Statistics on work and life conditions, Current Policy, Numbers of migrant workers et Systemic/state violation of right/freedom

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Canada, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, Colombie-Britannique, Autres provinces, Fédéral, Nouvelle-Écosse et National relevance