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Bases de données: Vers l'abolition de l'asservissement légalisé des migrants grâce au partage d'information


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Five migrant farm workers have died since mid-March, four while in COVID-19 quarantine, advocacy group says




Tavia Grant et Ian Bailey


The workers were from Jamaica, Mexico and St. Vincent; four of them died while in their 14-day quarantine before starting their seasonal work in Canada’s agriculture sector, and the cause of the deaths is still unknown, according to MWAC.

They were, MWAC says: Logan Grant, from Jamaica, who died on March 13; Roberto Jacob Baca Gomez, from Mexico, who died March 22; Jose Antonio Coronado, also from Mexico, who died April 23; and Romario Morgan, of St. Vincent, who died April 29. In addition, one unnamed worker, from Jamaica, died on Friday in a hospital, the group said.

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The Globe and Mail

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Agriculture and horticulture workers

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Canada, Ontario, Alberta, México, Manitoba, Quebec, Colombie-Britannique, Autres provinces, Fédéral, Jamaïque, Other Caribbean States, Nouvelle-Écosse, Regional relevance, Regional relevance et National relevance