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S.A.M.E. releases 4-part mini-series on Migrant Worker Experiences in Canada





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Toronto – January 7, 2013 – As another year passes, The S.A.M.E. continues to break new ground in engaging youth and their communities about the plight of migrant workers in Canada. The newest effort by The Students Against Migrant Exploitation, or The S.A.M.E., is a four-part mini-series on the experiences of migrant agricultural workers in Canada.

The mini-series highlights the experiences of several workers who are among the tens of thousands of people who migrate temporarily to work in fields and greenhouses across Canada.

The four-part series is aimed at providing the broader public with an insider’s look at the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program – a program that has been bringing tens of thousands of migrant workers to Canada every year since 1967.

The videos include first-hand accounts of migrant workers and their real-life experiences. The series is divided into the following episodes:

Why They Migrate (PART I)
Their Living/Working Conditions (PART II)
Injuries on the Job (PART III)
What Migrant Agricultural Workers Themselves Would Like to Change (PART IV)

Part One of The S.A.M.E. mini-series, “Why They Migrate”, is now showing on YouTube, and the other episodes will soon be available for viewing and sharing. Stay tuned to the YouTube channel for Canada’s leading voice for workers for more.


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