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Border Struggles and Migrants’ Rights Movements in a Global Perspective

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2016.08.12, 1:00 PM to 1:00 PM

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We are currently observing accelerated reinforcements of border control policies and harsh restrictions of the right to free movement and other rights such as decent work, housing and health care for refugees and migrants in the Global North, as well as the externalization of migration control – towards Africa, the Middle East and Latin America – by the governments of the European Union and North America.

Some analysts are already speaking of “a war against migrants” with respect to the situation of migrants and refugees in Mexico, North Africa, Turkey and the South of Europe. On the other hand we are witnessing the rise of powerful and transnationally connected migrants’ rights movements.

The idea of the workshop is to discuss regional differences and “best practices” as well as common challenges and strategies of current migrants’ rights movements against the reinforcement of borders and the violations of basic rights of refugees and migrants in North and Central America, North Africa, Turkey and Europe.

Gerda Heck, Watch-The-Med-Alarmphone
Rosa Nelly Santos, Mexico, COFAMIPRO
Mostafa Henaway, Canada, Immigrant Workers Center and the Ontario Coalition against Poverty
Stefanie Kron, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung-Berlin, Moderator


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