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Harvest pilgrims : Mexican and Caribbean migrant farm workers in Canada




Vincenzo Pietropaolo


Like migratory birds, most of Canada’s 20,000 “guest” farm workers arrive in the spring and leave in the autumn. Hailing primarily from Mexico, Jamaica, and smaller countries of the Caribbean, these temporary workers have become entrenched in the Canadian labour force and are the mainstay of many traditional family farms in Canada. Many of them make the trip year after year after year.

Vincenzo Pietropaolo has been photographing guest workers and recording their stories since 1984 – in the process travelling to forty locations throughout Ontario and to their homes in Mexico, Jamaica, and Montserrat. The resulting photographs have been highly acclaimed internationally through many publications and exhibitions, including a travelling show curated by the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography that opened in Mexico City.

With a foreword by Naomi Rosenblum, this beautiful and timely book of photography and exposition aims to shed light on a subject about which many Canadians know all too little.

(From http://www.btlbooks.com/bookinfo.php?index=195)

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Between the Lines

Buong Teksto

Table of contents

Naomi Rosenblum


Vincenzo Pietropaolo: The Challenge of Documentary Photography
by Maia-Mari Sutnik


Living Between Two Worlds: The Workers Who Grow Our Food

An Imaginary Letter to a Migrant Farm Worker

Further Resources
Index to the Photographs

Mga Tala

photographs and text by Vincenzo Pietropaolo.

ill. ; 27 cm.


  • Review (http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Vincenzo+Pietropaolo,+Harvest+Pilgrims%3A+Mexican+and+Caribbean+Migrant...-a0298292681)

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Agriculture and horticulture workers

Mga Uri ng Nilalaman

Policy analysis and Suporta ng mga hakbangin

Target na mga grupo

Pampublikong Kamalayan

Geographical kaugnayan

Ontario, México, and Jamaica