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Institutionalized Servitude: The Female Domestic Servant in Lima, Peru




Margo Lane Smith


The problem of rural-urban migration and the resulting potential for culture change within the society. What is the place of the servant in the Peruvian social structures? How does the servant operate within the context of the family where she is employed? Tow hat extent are provincial-born servants acculturated to the urban scene more rapidly than their fellow-migrants who are not servants and thus are not forced into intimate daily contact with middle and upper class urban ways? To what extent is the occupation of servant an avenue of upward social and/or economic mobility? To what extent do urban servants introduce changes to their families remaining in a rural provincial setting?

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Ann Arbor, Michigan


Univeristy Microfilms International

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Servant, Urbanization

Pang-ekonomiyang sektor

Occupations in services - Domestic work, Home child care providers, and Home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations

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Statistics on work and life conditions and Numbers of migrant workers

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Mambabatas, Pampublikong Kamalayan, and Mananaliksik

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Aghamtao, Cultural Studies at Etniko, Pag-aaral sa Kasarian at iyag, Heograpya, Kasaysayan, and Pilosopya