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Un recurso en línea para los derechos de los trabajadores de la red (in) migrantes


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Temporary Migrant Workers: Labour Rights and Organizing Strategies

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Claude Melancon, Guillaume Genier, Lynne Fernandez, Yessy Byl, Kaity Cooper, Jodie Gauthier, Arthur Read, Adriana Paz Ramirez, Patricia O'Hagan, Leo McGrady, y Mia Reimers


In Canada, and around the world, temporary migrant workers are increasingly being used for
seasonal and permanent jobs. Their rights and legal protection, however, are highly circumscribed,
their employment is insecure, and abuse of the temporary foreign worker programs by
employers and some governments is widespread. Their rights, moreover, to a healthy, safe workplace
are non-existent or greatly inferior to Canadian norms.
This two-day conference will be of interest to all those working on the issue of temporary foreign
workers, especially union and community organizers already engaged in or needing to find out more
about these programs

Nombre de la conferencia

Conference on Temporary Migrant Workers

Lugar de la Conferencia

SFU Harbour Centre Vancouver, BC


Simon Fraser University

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