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Migrante Ontario


MIGRANTE-Ontario is an alliance of organisations working for the rights and welfare of migrants in Ontario through various initiatives such as organizing, education, training and advocacy. We work closely with other migrant groups in Montreal, Winnipeg, and BC. Migrante-Ontario is part of a global network of migrant and global based progressive organisations. We are a member of Migrante International - a global alliance of Filipinos abroad with presence in Asia, America, Europe and The Middle East.







Phone number

416 831 3372



Endorsed campaigns


Ontario, Activism, Migrant Workers

Economic sectors

Agriculture and horticulture workers, Occupations in services - Domestic work, Sales and service occupations - general, Trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations - general, Labourers in food, beverage and associated products processing, Dancers, and Other

Content types

Policy analysis

Target groups

(Im)migrants workers, Policymakers, Journalists, Public awareness, Researchers, Unions, and NGOs/community groups/solidarity networks

Regulation domains

Health and safety at work, Social security, (Im)migrant workers selection criteria, Right to equality (gender), Health care & social services, Family reunification, Status regularization procedures, Right to unionize, Newcomers integration programs, Remittances and co-development programs, Legal aid, Determination fair wages and labour shortage, Right to liberty, Right to choose place of residence, Access to permanent status, Migration expenses reimbursement mechanisms, Impartial hearing before deportation, Right to change employer, Recrutement / placement agencies, Trips abroad and re-entries, Labour standards, Housing standards, Right to dignity, Free employment services, Right to equality (social status), Employment insurance, Right to equality (national origin), and Right to privacy

Geographical focuses

Ontario and Philippines

Spheres of activity

Cultural and ethnic studies, Economics, Law, Political science, and Sociology