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Ministry of Employment and Social Development


Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) is the department of the Government of Canada responsible for developing, managing and delivering social programs and services. Find out more about what we do by consulting our Report on Plans and Priorities and our Departmental Performance Report.

Just the Facts - contains information dedicated to dispelling myths and misconceptions about ESDC programs.
We are committed to excellence in what we do:

For people - we serve Canadians with a focus on accountability and results.
Through partnerships - we work with Canadians to find innovative ways to develop and deliver the policies and programs they need.
Through knowledge - we generate, contribute, and share knowledge effectively to support and inform decision-making.
Our mission
ESDC's mission is to build a stronger and more competitive Canada, to support Canadians in making choices that help them live productive and rewarding lives, and to improve Canadians' quality of life.

To do this, we:

develop policies that make Canada a society in which all can use their talents, skills and resources to participate in learning, work and their community;
create programs and support initiatives that help Canadians move through life's transitions—from families with children to seniors, from school to work, from one job to another, from unemployment to employment, from the workforce to retirement;
create better outcomes for Canadians through service excellence with Service Canada and other partners; and
engage our employees, establish a healthy work environment, nurture a culture of teamwork, and build our leadership capacity.

Multiple locations across Canada found at: http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/cgi-bin/sc-srch.cgi?app=hme&ln=eng




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