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Migrant workers raise their voices (Ontario Labour Law). Join in.

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2015.08.04, 8:28 PM


Migrant workers and their allies have been showing up at the Changing Workplace Review consultations across the province, calling for fairness, full protections and work without fees (scroll below for pictures).

You can join in too. Here are two things you can do right now.

1. Email the Special Advisors retained by the province, and ask them to ensure migrant workers have real protections (CWR.SpecialAdvisors@ontario.ca). For ideas of what to say, click here.

2. Meet with your Member of Provincial Parliament and stress the importance of justice for migrant workers. If you can go to or organize such a meeting, click here to let us know. We will connect you with others in your area and send you materials to coordinate.

Thank you!

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