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Pressure on TFWPs to MPs/HUMA committee (June 15)!!!

Date and time

2016.03.20 to 2016.06.15, all-day


Pressure on MPs and in particular on members of the HUMA committee!!

Dear CMWRC and MWAC Members, organizations that endorsed our Open Letter and allies!

Here’s an interim report back on migrant worker participation in the federal review of the TFW program taking place right now.

The next two weeks are critical to ensure that the best possible recommendations make it into the final report (to be discussed on June 10 in camera, and voted on June 15th). Particularly, we need to make sure that all workers including those in the Seasonal Agricultural Workers get reforms.

We have made a lot of progress in the last month. A significant number of migrant workers presented to the committee - all of whom called for status on landing and open work permits, as well as echoed the rest of our demands (compiled here in our policy submissions). Many of our allies supported these position too - some for the first time!


Let's continue this work!
Use the online and paper petition and flyer available on our website to reach out to your members,
Use this tool to encourage them to meet with MPs. If you signed up to meet with MPs already, please let us know how it went by filling out this form.
Please specially write a letter to your local newspaper’s editor right now and encourage your members to do so too.
Please write a simple post on your website about the review, directing people to www.migrantrights.ca
Phone banking, events, everything helps!

Our focus needs to be on the MPs on the committee reviewing the program - but meeting with any MPs, and getting any media coverage will be helpful. We need all the parties to hear about these issues!

We will be pushing out memes and videos calling for continued calls to HUMA and other MPs over the next week - please follow us on facebook and twitter and push those out.

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