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Tell Prime Minister Harper to Fix What His Government Broke

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2013.04.28 to 2013.09.30, 9:00 AM to 9:00 AM


Recent events have shone the light on Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program and how seriously broken it has become under the current Conservative government. It’s time the federal government was held accountable for its actions. Under this government, the already flawed program which did little to protect migrant workers' rights was super-sized in just seven years, encouraging rampant misuse by employers. It’s time to say no to an employer-friendly pipeline that can displace workers and benefit offshore companies. Its time to say no to fast tracked pay-less wage schemes that allow employers to displace workers and pay migrant workers up to 15% less than prevailing wages.

Send a message to the Prime Minister telling him it's time to take responsibility and act fairly to all workers no matter where they come from. A copy of your message will also be sent to HRSDC Minister Diane Finley and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

Learn more: Read Ken Georgetti's op ed published in the Toronto Star: Temporary Foreign Worker Program: Conservative Government must fix what it brokes.

Read the Canadian Labour Congress' letter to Prime Minister Harper outlining five key reforms to fix the broken Temporary Foreign Worker Program: Georgetti Writes to Prime Minister About TFWP (see link below)

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