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Report/Press release

Canada's Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program as a Model of Best Practices in Migrant Worker Participation in the Benefits of Economic Globalization Project. "Jamaican Workers' Participation in CSAWP and Development Consequences in the Workers' Rural Home Communities"




Roy Russell


The objective of this research is “to generate and provide research-based information and recommendations that will be used to examine short-term and longer-term program development strategies to enhance workers participation in the Canadian Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (CSAWP) in a manner that will empower them to increase their contribution to rural economic growth, wealth creation and consequently poverty reduction in their rural home communities.”

Responsible institution

North-South Institute


Economic sectors

Agriculture and horticulture workers and General farm workers

Content types

Policy analysis

Target groups

Researchers and NGOs/community groups/solidarity networks

Geographical focuses

Jamaica and National relevance

Spheres of activity

Agriculture, Cultural and ethnic studies, and Political science