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Condemn modern day slavery in Canada: marching to end systemic racism




Philippine Women Centre - BC


Vancouver, BC – The Philippine Women Centre of BC will be marching at the 8th Annual Community March Against Racism on Saturday, March 21, 2015. We would like to extend the invite to our community to join us in condemning ongoing racial oppression and injustice in Canada and all over the world.

For more than two decades, the Philippine Women Centre of BC has been advocating for the human rights of the Filipino-Canadian community. Through education, mobilization and advocacy at a grassroots level, we have always had a clear stance on Canada’s anti-woman and racist Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP). This unjust program puts women in the most vulnerable situations and subjects them to emotional, verbal, physical and mental abuse.

The LCP continues to triumph the liberation of middle and upper class Canadians from childcare while breaking the backs of racialized women from the global south, in which filipina women are overwhelmingly recruited and exploited. We denounce Canada’s backwards Live-in Caregiver Program as modern day slavery. We have been consistent in calling for the scrapping of the LCP and we will be marching from Clark Park on March 21st with signs condemning the LCP in hand.

Beyond our own struggles, we know that all oppression is connected. We call for an end to the exploitation of racialized bodies for cheap labour. The ongoing racial injustices today are exacerbated by the neoliberal agenda and capitalist Canada. We understand that this racism is not by chance, it is systemic. We welcome and stand in solidarity with the anti-racist resistance movements all over the globe while we strongly stand in opposition to right-wing Canada’s willingness to build profits and other gains off of our backs. Please join us this Saturday and raise your voice in resistance to ongoing global oppression.

End the exploitation of racialized bodies!

End violence against women!

Expose and oppose neoliberal policies!

End systemic racism and call for genuine settlement and integration!

Scrap, scrap the LCP! Racist, racist policy!

For more information, contact:

Twitter: @pwcofbc


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