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Deportation hearing delayed for foreign workers known as 'Three Amigos'






A deportation hearing for three foreign workers has been delayed until March.

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A deportation hearing for three foreign workers has been delayed until March.

The men, known as the "Three Amigos" had been working at a gas station in Thompson. Their employer didn't arrange for proper work permits and now the men are facing deportation back to the Philippines after being arrested last June.

While the case unfolds and the men fight to stay in Canada, they have been unable to earn money to send to their families back home in the Philippines.

The latest hearing before the immigration and refugee board was delayed Wednesday until March.

"We are a little bit frustrated because we expected the case would be finished," said Arnisito Gaviola, one of the workers.

The delays for their hearing could work in the men's favour, allowing more time for a temporary resident permit application to be processed, which could override their immigration problems.

"I'm hoping there will be no removal order, or if there is, it is overcome by the temporary residence permit," said immigration lawyer, David Matas.

The men's next hearing is slated for March 15.


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