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Report/Press release

Report on Temporary Foreign Workers in Alberta




Alberta Federation of Labour


The AFL Round Table on Temporary Foreign Workers
On November 18, 2010, the Alberta Federation of Labour gathered over 50 participants for a day-long workshop on temporary foreign workers (TFW). Participants included temporary foreign workers, representatives of local immigrant-serving agencies, community volunteers and representatives of trade unions who work with temporary foreign workers and policy experts on Canadian migration policy. The AFL's Temporary Foreign Worker Advocate also attended the session.
After initial remarks setting the context, participants were broken into several groups for focused discussion on a range of issues. These included:
personal experiences as a temporary foreign worker or working alongside them; a discussion on permanent residency, a discussion on employment standards and the workplace environment; a discussion on recruiters and brokers; and a discussion on what needs to be done to create the Alberta we want.

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Alberta Federation of Labour

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