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PANEL "Temporary Foreign Workers: Opportunity or Misfortune?"

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2015.02.03, 6:00 PM

Mga Detalye

The School of Community and Public Affairs and will hold a public exchange along with Eugénie Dépatie-Pelletier, coordinator MigrantWorkersRights and CÉRIUM/REDTAC-(I)M/‘temporary’ migrant workers, Enrique Llanes, community organizer with the Immigration Worker’s Center (IWC), and Marysa Mendez (CCR). The panelists will discuss issues related to migrant workers in Canada. Specifically, the guests will be describing the different contexts in which they work, while addressing the Charter of Rights as well as migrant worker’s rights. We invite the public and media to attend the debate to learn about the positions of the parties within a social justice context. Each panelist will have an opportunity to enlighten the audience on their experiences and angle on the approach that they trust to be the most adequate way of changing the current Temporary Foreign Worker’s Program.

Questions to be discussed:

1- Would it be more effective for NGO’s to be in charge of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program?

2- In what way do the Temporary Foreign Workers Program policies challenge the question of human rights?

3- In your opinion, what is the initial step for the government to ease this issue?

Contact: Sophia Sahrane, sophia.sahrane@gmail.com, (514) 984-9637




Concordia University H-736


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