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Canada’s Temporary Migrants: Social Integration Challenges and Policy Implications

Date and time

2012.03.01, 4:15 PM to 5:45 PM


As temporary labour migration to Canada continues to increase and many temporary workers stay longer or return annually, questions arise about their integration beyond employment. This panel will explore some of the policy issues that hamper the social integration of temporary workers and detract from their experience in Canada.

Organizer / Organisateur
Leslie Seidle, Institute for Research on Public Policy

Luin Goldring, York University
Implications of temporary entry and precarious migratory status for immigrant integration in Canada

Jenna Hennebry, Wilfrid Laurier University
Welcome to Canada? Agricultural labour migration and social integration

Eugénie Despatie-Pelletier, Université de Montréal
Addressing policy changes to protect the rights of temporary foreign workers

Tim Welsh, Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of British Columbia
Welcoming and Inclusive Communities: Where do Temporary Foreign Workers Fit?


14th Metropolis Conference

Venue description

Westin Harbour Castle
1 Harbour Square


(Westin Harbour Castle) 1 Harbour Square






Economic sectors

Agriculture and horticulture workers, Occupations in services - Domestic work, Sales and service occupations - general, Trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations - general, Natural resources, agriculture and related production occupations - general, Labourers in food, beverage and associated products processing, Dancers, and Other

Content types

Policy analysis

Target groups

Policymakers, Researchers, and NGOs/community groups/solidarity networks

Regulation domains

Right to change employer, Health and safety at work, and Access to permanent status

Geographical focuses

Canada, Ontario, Alberta, México, Manitoba, Quebec, British Columbia, Other provinces, Federal, and Nova Scotia