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Occupational health and safety of foreign-born workers

Date and time

2012.03.03, 10:45 AM to 10:45 AM


Occupational health and safety of foreign-born workers
This workshop brings together representatives from multiple perspectives to examine knowledge and gaps in research and practice related to the workplace health and safety of foreign-born workers. It discusses inequalities by immigrant and migrant status across various dimensions of health and safety including exposure to risks, compensation and prevention.

Organizer / Organisateur
Stephanie Premji, McMaster University

Sylvie Gravel, Université du Québec à Montréal
Occupational health and safety in small enterprises employing immigrants

Belia Berrocal, Industrial Accident Victims' Group of Ontario
Immigrant workers' experiences with the Ontario workers' compensation system

Andria Babbington, UNITE HERE
Health and safety issues affecting immigrant workers in the hotel sector

Stephanie Premji, McMaster University
A conceptual model of the production of inequalities in occupational health by immigrant and migrant status

Betty Pirs, WorkSafe BC
Seasonal Agriculture Workers from Mexico - Expanding the Borders of Workplace Health and Safety

Chair / Modérateur
Stephanie Premji, McMaster University


14th Metropolis Conference

Venue description

Westin Harbour Castle
1 Harbour Square


(Westin Harbour Castle) 1 Harbour Square






Economic sectors

Agriculture and horticulture workers, Occupations in services - Domestic work, Sales and service occupations - general, Trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations - general, Natural resources, agriculture and related production occupations - general, Labourers in food, beverage and associated products processing, Dancers, and Other

Content types

Policy analysis

Target groups

Policymakers, Researchers, and NGOs/community groups/solidarity networks

Regulation domains

Health and safety at work

Geographical focuses

Canada, Ontario, Alberta, México, Manitoba, Quebec, British Columbia, Other provinces, Federal, and Nova Scotia