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Injured Migrant Worker in Canada in Need of Support

Date and time

2012.06.19 to 2012.12.31, 8:00 AM to 8:00 AM


Community Appeal
Injured Migrant Worker in Need of Support
Brother Eloid Drummond is an activist and injured migrant worker from Jamaica whose shoulder was hurt last year on his way to work. Because Eloid is a migrant worker he is excluded from getting many basic human rights; including social assistance and OHIP. As a result of being forced to pay for ALL his healthcare, Eloid he has been unable to pay for the surgery that would re-attach his arm. While he waits for the slow wheels of justice to turn, Eloid struggles to get by on no income, with a lot of pain and with little to eat. Despite these injustices, Eloid is a committed activist and organizer who fights for the rights of all workers.
Eloid asked us to reach out to people who could assist him at this time. If you would like to contribute, or if you would like to host a fundraiser in your community, please contact: Beryl Brown (Bright Lights) at 416-244-3368 or Jessica Ponting (Justicia for Migrant Workers) at 647-401-9611 or Alberto Lalli (IAVGO Community Legal Clinic) at 416-924-6477. Thank you!


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